College of Psychology and Education

In addition to professional psychologists, cultivate people who can use their knowledge of psychology to operate successfully in business and government, and who can apply psychology to their own self-understanding and interpersonal relationships


Psychology is the “science of the mind” that considers the human mind based on data directly obtained from targets through observation and research. Knowledge of psychology and psychological thinking are useful not only for professional psychologists who have direct contact with and assist people suffering problems of the mind, but also various jobs that emphasize association with other people. In the Department of Psychology, students will learn the basic knowledge of psychology, psychological theory, and practice of psychological support. Further, students will also study other disciplines besides psychology that will aid their understanding of the human mind. This will cultivate the students’ ability to discover problems of the human mind and analyze them objectively and scientifically to solve them.

Prof. Hiroyuki Tajima
Department of Psychology

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