College of Humanities and Social Studies

Cultivating people who possess a clear awareness of the various issues in contemporary society
and who can contribute to solving those issues in cooperation with others.


The curricula of the departments consist of introductory level courses for the 1st and 2nd Years, and development level and applied level courses through to the higher year levels. Students will deepen their specializations by taking subjects from five fields that are the foundation of learning, adding learning from other fields. In this way, the students will acquire diverse abilities. Students who are interested in multiple fields are able to create their own individualized four-year learning program. By taking subjects that are related to qualifications, students can attempt the qualification exams, such as teaching license, architect or curator. After finishing their 2nd-Year courses, students will decide on the directions for their learning over the full four years. They will then advance to the practical courses in 3rd Year and prepare graduation thesis in 4th Year. Department of Humanities and Social Studies allows students to enjoy the freedom of learning to the fullest and to attempt qualification examinations, supporting them for the four years of their student life.

Prof. Rumiko Kuji
Department of Humanities and Social Studies

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