College of Human Health and Nutrition

Cultivate registered dietitians who have acquired a wide range of knowledge and skills regarding food and health and the ability to communicate and cooperate with others, and who have the practical skills to contribute to improving people’s lives


To ensure a smooth transition from high school, foundation subjects will be delivered in 1st Year, including a review of what students learned in high school. Further, with the specialist foundation subjects studied mainly in 1st and 2nd Years as a steppingstone, students will take specialist applied subjects in 3rd and 4th Years. This course structure will allow the students to obtain the knowledge and skills needed to become nutritionists and registered dietitians in a phased approach. Many subjects are comprised of lectures and experiments or practicums, which will enable the students to deepen their understanding and establish it firmly in their minds in an efficient way. Theory of Registered Dietitian Activity is a subject that summarizes and integrates what the students have learned over four years. It provides an effective way to prepare for the National Examination for Registered Dietitians.

To offer students extra learning to meet their individual interests and ambitions, three other subjects have been added - Food Product Development Theory, Challenge Program, and Advanced Nutrition Research. We hope that students will take on the challenge of these subjects.

Prof. Seiko Hoshi
Department of Human Health and Nutrition

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