Student Dormitory

Designated Student Dormitories

Designated student dormitories are available for students enrolling at SGU from far distances.

To ensure greater safety and peace of mind for students living away from their families, SGU has concluded an operational partnership with Kyoritsu Maintenance Co., Ltd., a company that manages student dormitories.

Each of the student dormitories provides two meals – breakfast and dinner – and is managed by a live-in couple, enabling students to enjoy their lives at university with peace of mind in terms of both diet and security. The dorm rooms are all fully furnished and equipped, making them more affordable by reducing the costs of moving.

A school bus runs between the university and the Minami-Sendai, Nagamachi-Minami, and Tomizawa dormitories. This is a very economical option for transport to and from university, costing about 40% less than a regular public transport commuter pass.

To lead a fulfilling life as a student, the most important thing is to first find somewhere you can live with peace of mind.