Sustainable Development Goals

Message from the President

Aspire to be a global citizen.

The United Nations has drawn up its internationally-oriented Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in hopes of making social sustainability a reality. Far from posing a distant threat, universal challenges such as those involving poverty, hunger, inequality, and the climate persist in our very own communities. Moreover, it is not possible to address such challenges by relying on a single expert or by drawing on a unitary field of study. Each and every one of us must take ownership and bear responsibility for our society, thereby joining forces in efforts geared to achieving worthwhile goals.

In that regard, we at Shokei Gakuin University extol the ideals of the SDGs in terms of the pledge to leave no one behind, which fundamentally aligns with our aim of living with others in a manner that reflects the teachings of Christianity as has remained our philosophy since the university was founded back in 1892. We accordingly aspire to cultivate global citizens who will take action with the aim of achieving objectives of the SDGs, to which end we are promoting education and research that focuses on addressing challenges in the Tohoku region while concurrently maintaining a global perspective.

Takafumi Goda

President of Shokei Gakuin University