College of Psychology and Education

Cultivate educators who can deliver the joy of learning, with the integrated elementary-junior high school education in view, by nurturing broad education, practical abilities that are full of creativity, and the ability to build personal connections.


The Department of School Education cultivates professional educators who are equipped with the skills to solve the various problems that occur in actual educational settings.

In addition to the compulsory subjects required to obtain licenses to be an elementary school teacher, junior high school teacher (Japanese or Physical and Health Education), and teacher for special needs education, the Department offers subjects from 1st Year that will provide students with broad knowledge and theory about the human mind and growth. In 1st and 2nd Years, students will take subjects that will equip them with practical instructional skills through practicums, as well as subjects for acquiring broad perspectives and cooperative skills that will help them to solve various problems in actual educational settings. Fourth year students will work on their Graduation Research as the culmination of their learning.

Prof. Manami Matsumoto
Department of School Education

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